Nasty C teaches us how to do the 'waist dance'

Nasty C teaches us how to do the 'waist dance'

Nasty C shows off some dance moves, Eva Longoria is pregnant, and 'Wonder Woman' adds a new cast member. Jane gives you the scoop in Monday's edition of 'Hot Goss'.

Hot Gos with Jane

WATCH: Nasty C's 'waist dance'

The 21-year-old is one of the most successful rappers in SA. This guy seems to have grown up overnight, from the last time I saw him perform at Durban Day that is.

Not sure about this groove but how's The Holmes Bros t-shirt, nice!

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It’s all in the waist really

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Pregnant Eva Longoria says her clothes 'don’t fit' her anymore

There is nothing fun about growing out of your clothes. Preggie jeans had to be my worst! For me, pregnancy was hard, not only the intense discomfort (with twins especially) but the no sipping of vino and not being able to see your toes isn't that fun.

Some moms love the whole pregnancy thing and the same for breastfeeding, which I also found challenging. 

I am so happy to be over all that, as a family unit we are in such a happy space and no longer just rolling with the punches.

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Kristen Wiig cast as Wonder Woman villain Cheetah

Director Patty Jenkins announced on Twitter on Friday that Wiig will star as Wonder Woman rival Cheetah in the superhero sequel.

I love Kirsten Wigg, she is my kind of funny. Her and Melissa McCarthy give me laugh-induced asthma.

How cool she gets to hit another franchise, from 'Ghostbusters' to 'Wonder Woman', rock on!

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