Millennials explained using famous Beatles hit 'Obladi-Oblada'

Millennials explained using famous Beatles hit 'Obladi-Oblada'

This version of the famous Beatles hit will give you a bit more insight into what millennials are all about!

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Can you believe that this parody has over 50-million views on Facebook already? That is absolutely insane!

In an effort to get people more familiar with millennials and to break stereotypes surrounding them, Micah Tyler has come up with one clever video sung to the tune of the famous Beatles song that we all know and love - 'Obladi-Oblada'.

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Millennials - or Gen Y as they are known, are normally categorised as being addicted to their mobiles, lazy, and an even selfie-obsessed. 

Micah decided to take a poke at millennials, but what's funny is that he himself is one. Ironic, hey?

This parody is absolutely hilarious! I love it when people turn stereotypes on their head and come up with ingenious ways of doing so. Although there are many ways to change the views on stereotypes, there's nothing better than using song to do so.

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Love it!

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