Mi Casa's J'Something reflects on life before the fame

Mi Casa's J'Something reflects on life before the fame

J'Something has taken his fans on a trip down memory lane to his very humble beginnings.

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Before getting into radio, I was an au pair, a waitress, and even a clown at a kids party, and might I add that I was quite a funny clown. I'll keep those photos away for another day.

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Mi Casa's J'Something has taken a bit of time out of his busy schedule to open up about his life before being in the spotlight. Taking to his Instagram account, he shared his incredible journey of how a cousin of his broke him into the music business eight years ago. It wasn't always easy for him, he had to start off as a studio cleaner, and even set the studio up for some of the biggest names in the business. His message of gratitude left me beaming.

Fast forward to eight years on, J'Something is part of one of the hottest South African bands and has gone on to release some of the catchiest tunes ever. In addition to that, he also went on to explore his passion for cooking and opened his very own restaurant. Gosh, can this man have any more passion?! 

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I have always admired how humble and kind J'Something is. Started from the bottom, now he's here. Keep on shining, J man! 

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