Meet Pigcasso - South Africa's famous painting pig
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Meet Pigcasso - South Africa's famous painting pig

After being rescued from the slaughterhouse, this pig is bringing home the bacon using her artistic talent.


How cool is Pigcasso?!

When I first saw this on my timeline, I had a flashback to a novel yet slightly disturbing artist I saw at Sexpo. That, however, is a conversation for another day.

This little hog is talented and looks very happy behind a canvas. 'Pigcasso' was on the brink of being slaughtered. However, she is now living out her days using her amazing artistic talent.

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I would so love a piece of this unique artwork up in our home, and it would seem others feel the same way.

The piggy passion is spreading as her paintings are selling fast online. And all monies collected go to purchasing more painting supplies and to help look after her fellow mates. How cool!

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