Meet Bub, a cat who's considered to be one in a trillion

Meet Bub, a cat who's considered to be one in a trillion

This cat is so famous that she has her own Instagram page with over two-million followers. Find out what makes her so special here.

Bub the cat / Instagram
Bub the cat / Instagram

Since Stacey Norman is a lover of all things cat-related, we could not pass up on the opportunity to feature this incredible story. 

Let us introduce you to Bub, a special cat whose Instagram page of over two-million followers describes her as "A one of a kind magical space cat."

So what makes Bub so unique? Well, according to IOL, she has huge green eyes, a small snout, a tongue that hangs because of her undeveloped teeth, she's super long, and each of her paws has an extra toe.

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She has peaked the interests of not only cat-lovers around the world but also a few scientists who have worked hard to find out the cause of her gene mutation. 

Lil Bub is so unique that she is considered one in a trillion. She also has a very rare bone condition and is the only cat in recorded history to have been diagnosed with the condition. 

But instead of allowing her abnormalities to bring her down, she's using her fame to raise money for homeless pets. It is reported by Dodo that she has raised over $500,000 thus far (that's over R7-million!). 

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We showed the video to Stacey and all she could reply with was: "OH MY FLIP. LIL BUB 😍."

And that about sums it up for us. Lil Bub, you've won us over. 

Watch below:

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