Medical matters: Are you afraid to know the state of your health?

Medical matters: Are you afraid to know the state of your health?

Attending to one's health is critical to lead a full life. While some make it their duty to have their bodies regularly checked out, others turn away from it in an attempt to hide away from the 'What if' scenario.

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So often in life, we get wrapped up and consumed by the hectic nature of life that we forget to take care of ourselves. 

Fortunately, if you find yourself in an office environment, you would, at some point, get an opportunity to attend a Wellness Day, which is where the company arranges on-site check-ups and consultations for staff.  

I was really surprised at some colleagues who turned down the breast cancer check at a recent Wellness Day which was held at our offices.

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I jumped at the opportunity to have a checkup and yet one comment I received was: "I'd rather not know, thanks." I was alarmed! 

I think early detection is such a huge part of success stories. A friend recently said she had a lump cut out of her leg. She had it cut out but refused to have it tested as she would rather not know if she is unwell.

This is totally foreign to me as I am a must-know kinda girl! How about you?

When it comes to serious medical matters, do you fall under the 'I'd rather not know' or 'I want complete transparency regarding my health' categories? Share with me below.

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