Massive swimming black mamba safely captured

Massive swimming black mamba safely captured

We've heard of black mambas in closets and slithering through windows, but we cannot say that we've seen one on the beach?!

Black mamba

Jane received a message from Nick Evans, a snake expert in KZN, after a video of a Black Mamba on a beach in KZN made the news.

Another week, another story of a snake being found where you least expect it. This time on Scottburgh's main beach.

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According to News 24, 'A teenage boy who was jogging on the shore of the beach nearly stumbled over the venomous reptile'. It is believed that the snake may have been looking for a place to cool down or was in need of a drink.  

I am still trying to forget about the story we covered recently about a snake uncoiling itself and last week the story about the snake who ate that lady's dog! The thought of that snake entering the house window! Eeek!

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Now for a story of one found on the beach... at night! How many times have we taken a beach-side moonlight walk in our lives? I would have freaked if I came across a 2.8m black mamba! 

The snake was captured safely by well-known and well-respected snake handler Martin Rodrigues, who is also the Crocworld Conservation Centre’s Manager, and released back into its normal environment.

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People have been advised that if they do come across a snake, to remain calm and to please contact a certified snake catcher, as many people are bitten while attempting to make the catch themselves.

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