Man attempts to smuggle deadly cobras in potato chip cans

Man attempts to smuggle deadly cobras in potato chip cans

Forget chips in a can. This man wanted to give a new meaning to the famous 'snake in a can' prank.

snakes in a can

Last week a friend of mine had 3 bottles of tequila taken from him at the airport. I also heard from a friend of how her perfume was taken away when she went through customs. If I had I something confiscated of mine, I would be seething!

However forget the perfumes and other innocent things that people try to get onboard a plane. This guy from California decided that it would be a bright idea to smuggle cobras in potato chip cans and he could be facing some jail time. 

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According to Mashable, he was caught trying to bring the deadly cobras into the USA from Hong Kong on Tuesday and was taken into police custody.

The slithery serpents were about 2-feet in length and once you see what they look like, you are bound to be freaked out! 

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Imagine this guy made it into the plane and opened his 'potato chips' next to you? I would have literally screamed once I saw what was inside!

My son turns 7 next month and he is having a local snake specialist at the party. I can't cope with snakes. The closest I get to a snake is either a pair of boots or a handbag. 

Who knows what possessed him to do something like this and to think that he would actually get away with it. Either way, I'm glad he was detained before it turned into the movie 'Snakes On A Plane'. Eek! 

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