The madness of lockdown has never sounded this good!

The madness of lockdown has never sounded this good!

Lockdown has caused many people to lose the plot, but we could live with hearing this voice every day...

Rachel Adedeji
Instagram / racheladedeji

Former 'X Factor' contestant, singer, and actress Rachel Adedeji has given the world a glimpse into the chaos of her life right now.

Recorded by her husband, the short clip sees Adedeji singing along to a Whitney Houston classic while their dog barks and daughter screams.

It is chaos - the type of chaos many of us are currently experiencing in lockdown.

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Check out the madness below:

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Absolute madhouse during #Covid19 ??

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Adedeji took part in 'X Factor' in 2008 and 2009.

Here is a clip from a performance of hers in 2009 - something a little bit more formal from what we saw above.

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Image: Instagram / racheladedeji

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