Louis Trichardt resident's dog eaten by huge python

Louis Trichardt resident's dog eaten by huge python

Imagine being woken by the sound of your dog crying and not being able to help it...

Dog eaten by snake

Last Friday morning, a 50kg python entered an elderly woman's home and ate her dog. I assure you, this is a real story. 

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According to News 24, "The woman was sleeping in her living room. The snake probably came in through that window during the night.” 

Expert snake catcher Frikkie Venter was called in to remove the snake. He believes that it may have only entered the home in search of a cool spot to rest - but instead ended up enjoying a meal. 

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Oh my! I can't even bear to look at this photo. Can you just imagine the sheer terror this poor woman went through - not to mention the poor dog?! The thought of a 50kg snake slithering its way through my window is enough to make me want to live in a vacuum-sealed box.

Because pythons are an endangered species, the snake has since been released back into the wild. 

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Here is a list of some things to do if you find a snake in your home: 

  1. If you find a snake in your house, it is important to stay calm. While there are a number of snake species in the area that are not harmful to humans, it’s best to treat any snake as potentially venomous if you are not sure what species it is.
  2. Do not try to kill the snake as it will try to defend itself. If it feels threatened you will have a far greater chance of being bitten.
  3. Call an expert to help remove the snake. 

Losing a pet is pretty hard to deal with, my thoughts go out to the lady affected. 

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