KZN: Does an apology have an expiration date?

KZN: Does an apology have an expiration date?

People usually take apologies very seriously, especially if they have been wronged, but does an apology that takes too long to arrive actually count?

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On Wednesday, Stacey Norman asked whether apologies have an expiration date. 

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This all stemmed from Justin Timberlake's apology last week to his wife, Jessica Biel - two weeks after an incident which put their relationship in doubt.

Timberlake, 38, was spotted holding hands with his 'Palmer' co-star Alisha Wainwright, 30, during a boozy night out. The Grammy winner issued a public statement apologising to his wife and family for his behavior.

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In his apology on December 4, Timberlake said he had a "lapse in judgement" after drinking too much. He and co-star Wainwright were photographed at the Absinthe House Bar in new Orleans on November 21. 

So, Stacey decided to ask listeners what they thought of this apology that took longer than expected. 

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