Kim Kardashian's latest Halloween costume causes uproar

Kim Kardashian's latest Halloween costume causes uproar

Kim Kardashian has landed herself in hot water with her latest Halloween costume. Check it out and let Jane know what you think of it.

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This past weekend we joined the neighbourhood and went on a trick or treat Halloween hunt. My boys went as Batman with a jet pack. Yes - a homemade jetpack made from a banana box, two cereal boxes, and two plastic drinking bottles filled with marbles on each side. Our little girl, who's not that big into dressing up, opted for a satin pink and black jacket that is embossed with unicorn patches and tights.

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Off we went flanked by a corpse bride, zombie, pirate, owl, werewolf, sugar skull, Harry Potter, skeleton, witch, cat, and even a unicorn complete with gold horn and hooves. It was great fun and some folks went to such an effort decking out their garages with dark and spooky set-ups. 

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After all the Halloween fun, I got really annoyed when I read an article about Kim Kardashian. I get so frustrated with the whole race card thing and it seems you can't comment on a beautiful day without it turning into a conversation about race - it drives me mad! Why can't we rather focus on what we have in common as opposed to what separates us?

Kim is under fire for dressing as the late Aaliyah for her Halloween costume. After the reality star posted a picture of herself all dressed up, the internet went bananas and called her out for being racist. That didn't cross my mind when I saw the picture before I read the headline.

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Prior to posting the video of herself, Kim tweeted that her Halloween theme for this year would be 'legends' and for me, Aaliyah is a music legend. Kim also dressed as Madonna and Cher for other Halloween parties.

Let me know what you think? Was it racist? Was it wrong for her to dress as Aaliyah or are people just overreacting?

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