Kelly Clarkson got emotional at the Billboard Music Awards about gun violence

Kelly Clarkson got emotional at the Billboard Music Awards about gun violence

“I’m so sick of moments of silence, it’s not working, like, obviously,” Kelly Clarkson said.

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Kelly Clarkson, a gun owner herself, urges action at Billboard Music Awards

Kelly Clarkson said she was supposed to lead a moment of silence on Sunday night as she hosted the Billboard Music Awards in the aftermath of yet another school shooting — this one at Santa Fe High School in Texas, which killed 10 people.

What an emotional and stirring appeal. Sure, we can't stop armed terrorists but in our own way, we can show love and tolerance daily.

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Simz Ngema celebrates first wedding anniversary without Dumi

"I thank God for giving me a chance to experience love in its purest form. You’d swear I was something magical from the way you looked at me. I love you forever and always. Happy 1st year wedding anniversary," Simz Ngema said.

Ouch, I can't imagine how hard it must be to react on a love who is no longer around. Celebrating a one year anniversary is still so soon, how blessed she is to have been surrounded by her friends and family.

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20:05:2017❤️💐 #eternalcrush

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Chrissy Teigen gets real about what happens after you've given birth

Chrissy Teigen reveals post-baby body in mesh hospital underwear. 

I have always loved how honest and upfront Chrissy is and once again she doesn't aim for your acceptance as she keeps things real in those less-than-attractive and comfortable mesh post-baby undies. Love this woman's raw realness.

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