Kanye West hospitalised after AMAs rant

Kanye West hospitalised after AMAs rant

Rapper Kanye West was hospitalised on Monday for a medical emergency two days after his rant at the AMAs.

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When I first read this, my thoughts went out to his family who have really been going through the mill at the moment with him.

Let's be honest, Kanye has never been the most sound as far as his ranting is concerned. He has always been outspoken, arrogant, and often pretty rude.

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In saying that, being tied down and driven off in an ambulance to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation couldn't have been pretty and easy for Mr West.

According to TMZ, the rapper was hospitalised on Monday at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Kayne is dealing with extreme sleep deprivation and recently pulled out of his latest tour. He tried to resist being hospitalised but was restrained by authorities. 

Kanye canceled his Saint Pablo tour after he stopped one of his concerts in Sacramento to have a very vocal rant about Jay Z and Queen B, and spoke out about his support for President Donald Trump.

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My thoughts go out to his children. I’m sure it is not easy for them to handle all this.

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