Justin Bieber impersonator fools shoppers in Sandton

Justin Bieber impersonator fools shoppers in Sandton

This impersonator fooled these shoppers so well that some of them actually had #BieberFever.

justin bieber impersonator

I won't deny that if I saw Justin Bieber in a mall I would totally go full fan girl on him. Swoon!

This past weekend saw the Biebs performing his #PurposeTour at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg. Fans everywhere took to social media and gave all of us massive FOMO (including myself) by snapping pictures of themselves at the event. So sad that I missed out on seeing him live! 

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In the aftermath, a Justin Bieber impersonator decided to pull an epic prank on shoppers at the Sandton City shopping center. This team pulled off this prank so well that they actually got the whole of Sandton City buzzing and going ballistic, claiming that they had spotted the global superstar.

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In the clip, you see the crowd swell and get louder and louder as word spreads around the center. I love how out of all the fans, this one guy calls him over and over again, and at the end while gushing about touching 'him', when asked how he feels, he replied with "heaven". Absolutely hilarious!

Have you ever pulled a prank where you impersonated someone else? Share your comments and stories below:

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