John Legend and Adam Levine are adorable in new baby diaper ad

John Legend and Adam Levine are adorable in new baby diaper ad

Doting dads! John Legend and Adam Levine ditch the mics and decided to change their baby's diapers in a new nappy ad. 

John Legend changes his son's diapers / YouTube
John Legend changes his son's diapers / YouTube

Celeb dads change diapers too, you know! 

An international nappy company has decided to team up with singers John Legend and Adam Levine to create one of the most adorable ads we've seen! 

The ad has a catchy tune about stinky nappies and showcases a number of dads, including John and Adam, changing their kid's diaper. It's wonderful to see a brand attempting to change the stereotype of only a mom and a child being featured in ads of this nature. 

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Of course, the ad ends with a bit of comedy, and everyone is left saying 'Awww' at the end of it all. It's catchy and gets the message across. Cute! 

Watch it below:

Retirement is certainly not on the cards for Oprah

At 65, Oprah Winfrey looks incredible and has no plans for slowing down during her golden years. 

The queen of talk told Page Six that she believes she has a lot more to achieve and accomplish in her life and doesn't believe in the term 'retirement'. 

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“I don't believe in it and the other day somebody said, ‘Oh, I see you're now here and ‘cause you're retired.’ And I go, ‘No.’ I was in the bookstore, I was buying a book and the woman said, 'Oh so you're doing a lot of reading on your retirement' ... and I started to turn around and give a whole lecture. ‘I'm not retired.’ But I thought, ‘OK, just take it.’ I said, ‘Thank you, don't need a bag," she said.

In addition to that, she added that at 65, you get to do 'exactly what you want to do', and, yes, that does include serving a certain kind of beverage on a cruise ship. 

You heard it from Mama O. Live and let live! 

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