Jimmy Kimmel is at it again!

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again!

Jimmy gets parents to pull off the worst Halloween pranks on their kids. See their reactions below. 

Halloween Kid crying

What's the saying about taking candy from a baby?

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These small humans are less than impressed after their parents jokingly declared that they had eaten all of their Halloween candy.   

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This is something most parents can identify with, right? A little late night scrummage in the sweet tin is not something that just happens at our house, is it?


The reactions of the 'hard done by' treat collectors is fueled by rage, sadness, and disbelief as they throw themselves onto the floor.


The boys seem to take the news a lot worse than the girls, and as for those little cuties that took it so well and even pretended to have something in their eyes to side track their sadness, that makes my heart want to explode. Bless you little people.

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