Jazz community mourns the loss of legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi

Jazz community mourns the loss of legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi

Jazz lovers around the world are devastated over the loss of 66-year-old musician Oliver Mtukudzi, who died on Wednesday. 

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Rest in Peace, Oliver Mtukudzi

Scores of individuals have taken to social media to share tributes for Oliver Mtukudzi, who died at the age of 66. He died on Wednesday,  23 January, which also happens to be the death anniversary of Hugh Masekela. 

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The Citizen reports that Mtukudzi struggled with his health for over a month. 

Nicknamed 'Tuku', Oliver was not only a jazz musician, but also a human rights activist and businessman, and was involved with UNICEF as a "Goodwill Ambassador for Southern Africa Region", it was reported. 

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He released 58 albums and had major hits sung in his native language Shona, including 'Todii', 'Neria', and 'Ndagara Nhaka'.

Celebrities have come out in their numbers to pay their respects to the fallen legend.

Listen to the smooth sounds of 'Neria' below:

Anne Hathaway to abstain from alcohol for the next 17 years 

In a recent interview on The Ellen Show, American beauty Anne Hathaway has vowed not to come near alcoholic beverages for the next 17 years of her life.

She attributes her decision of abstinence to the fact that her son requires her attention all the time, and also she hates the feeling of being hungover the following day. 

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It takes a lot for anyone to keep their promises nowadays, so trust and believe that we will be keeping a close eye on Anne in the media. 2036, here we come!

Watch her interview with Ellen below:

Jason Goliath gets married in a tee and his takkies 

Comedian Jason Goliath tied the knot recently to his girlfriend Sian Bailey, and they are turning heads for their original choice of attire. They choose to get married in jeans and slick sneakers. 

In addition to matching attire, their t-shirts had the words 'bride' and 'groom' printed on the back - how cute!

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The pair are adorable together, and clearly, have a lot of love for each other. Their Instagram feed is filled with snaps of them together enjoying life and taking time to laugh together.

More often than not, couples obsess with their wedding attire, so it's refreshing to see a relaxed approach to an already stressful day. 

Check out the snaps from their big day below:

Instagram / lipstick_maverick

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