#JanesWorld: Surviving emotionally after a miscarriage

#JanesWorld: Surviving emotionally after a miscarriage

Losing your unborn baby is nothing short of traumatic and many women in South Africa experience it, silently too.

Surviving  miscarriage

THIS WAS POWERFUL, a woman shared she had a miscarriage and how when the fetus dropped out, she was told to just wrap it up in tissue. Listen to the podcast and then read more below;

According to a report by News24, statistics show that about 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Miscarriages can happen for numerous reasons, reasons that you may not have any control over. 

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I can't imagine the sadness, pain, and disbelief that comes with having a miscarriage.

I remember when I was pregnant I would go from scan to scan hoping for the best and then, of course, having the scare of wondering if I could feel the baby moving - and if not, why not?!

One of my best friends had six miscarriages before she had her daughter. She recently found her pregnancy journals documenting every detail of every day. She even says that she can remember what she was wearing on each doctor's appointment when she miscarried.

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Over and above the heartache and disappointment, I can imagine the strain it must put on the couple, and I wonder how difficult it must be seeing pregnant women or mothers and their babies?

Remember at this difficult time, you need the support of your family, close friends or a professional who will listen without judging you. Speak to a friend you trust or organisations such as:

  • Lifeline on 031 303 1344
  • Compassionate Friends Association on 011 726 2411
  • The South African Depression and Anxiety Group on 011 234 4837

You are not alone. 

Have you or anyone you know suffered a miscarriage? What support did you offer or get? Share your comments below.

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