#JanesWorld: Coping with being overwhelmed or stressed

#JanesWorld: Coping with being overwhelmed or stressed

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. It's practically a part of life with work and personal commitments.

Feeling stressed

Psychologists Paul Boschell offers KZN listeners tips on how to deal with being overwhelmed, then read more in the podcast below;

In the last couple of years, I have dealt with a lot of overwhelmed days. 

Stress comes in many forms, but too much of a particular stress can lead to a sense of feeling overwhelmed. I find that it is important to find coping mechanisms to take back control of your life. 

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No words can explain the overwhelming feeling of transitioning from a mom of one to a mother of three small children. The fear of how were we going to manage financially, emotionally, and, for me, physically carrying twins.

There was the overwhelming craziness of juggling motherhood, a job, a marriage, a home, and somewhere in the middle finding a gap for myself.

We still find ourselves worrying about not having enough money to safeguard their future and it makes me feel anxious at times, but I am comforted by the richness of the love we share. 

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In our home, love is a constant and it is deep and connected. Mr T and I try our best, always.

I want you all to know that I also have days where I bumble along counting my blessings and chanting gratitude, but inside I feel stressed and low. Indeed, some days are easier to navigate than others, but regardless I get through them and so will you.

Here are a few tips, as shared by psychologist Paul Boschell to help you in those overwhelming moments:

  • Take a walk: This can provide you with some perspective so you can return in a new frame of mind.
  • Take a breath: If you're not in a position to leave, you can feel better right away by practicing breathing exercises.
  • Take a mental break: With practice, you can easily access your "happy place" and quickly feel calmer when stressed. 
  • Reframe your situation: If you can look at your situation differently, you may be able to put it into a different perspective — one that causes you less stress! 

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