Jane reacts to Chester Bennigton’s tragic death

Jane reacts to Chester Bennigton’s tragic death

Jane was hit very hard by Chester Bennington's death. Listen as she shares a very powerful message.

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When I got the text last night that Linkin Park's Chester had passed, on what would have been his late friend Chris Cornell's 53rd birthday, I felt the sadness hit me between the eyes.

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It's hard not to take it personally, as his music was something that touched my life and had me on numerous occasions signing at the top of my untuned voice.

Chester was always so open about his past. A past of hurt, abuse both sexual and physical, and drug issues. He leaves behind six children, my heart pangs at their loss.

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I hate the thought of anyone being isolated by their sadness. Please, if you suffer from depression, speak out, find someone you can talk to without judgment or contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) to speak to someone about it.

Take a listen to my emotional reaction during my show on Friday in the podcast below:

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