Jennifer Lopez brings back visible thong outfit from the early 2000s

Jennifer Lopez brings back visible thong outfit from the early 2000s

J Lo is igniting a trend, we find out why we haven't seen Cardi B's baby, and J'Something beams over the love of his life. This and more on Monday's edition of Hot Goss.

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J Lo shows off her thong - like how we did it back in the 2000s

Almost 50 and fabulous, J Lo is a true trendsetter of note.

She has got people talking again, this time after pictures have been making the rounds bringing back a fashion 'trend' which was hot back in the early 2000s. 

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Channel24 reports that the Jenny From The Block hitmaker was recently spotted on the set of her new music video shoot with DJ Khaled wearing a high-waisted pair of grey pants which showed off her thong - a look that many celebs rocked back in the day for some weird reason. 

Comments from her fans have been divided, with some loving the throwback look, while others yelled: "Why oh Why!"

Whether she's trying to set the trend again or not, either way, she did get many heads turning and people talking with this bizarre look. 

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Cardi B talks about why she doesn't want to show off her daughter 

You would expect that when you are in the public eye, much like Cardi B, you would want to put your child on display for the world to see and envy. 

However, Cardi chose not to show off baby Kulture to her fans simply because she wants to protect her.

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the star said: "I'm scared of sharing her with the world. There are too many mean people out there. "Sometimes I do want to show people how beautiful and how precious she is. She's so precious. There's a lot of people that have crazy minds, you know. I want to protect her! She's my little buggy."

It seems that she is serious about protecting 'buggy' from the world, so much so that she actually turned down a seven-figure amount in exchange for pictures of the little one, she told Apple Music in an interview.

If Cardi's looks are anything to go by, we're confident that baby 'K' is an absolute stunner! 

J'Something and his wife are #CoupleGoals 

Mi Casa singer and chef, J'Something, is a man filled with appreciation for life, and much love for his wife.

It seems that married life is treating the star well. J'Something, whose real name is Joao da Fonseca, is married to Cordelia "Coco" Gotti and paid labola for her back in October 2015

Taking to his Instagram, he shared with his fans about how he felt when he first laid eyes on Gotti, and how that each day they continue to get stronger as a couple. 

"When I found this lady of mine I knew I wanted to learn to love her. I wanted to practice patience with her. I wanted to put aside my pride for her. I wanted to learn to forgive her. I wanted to be kind to her and show her that she could trust me every second of the day. Each day we get stronger and that’s what being a couple is about ... 😍 and I just dig that we know how to have a good time 💃," he said. 

Check out the post below:

J'Something is not shy about sharing how much he loves and appreciates his wife on social media. He took to Instagram in October to tell the world how proud he is to be married to his wife.

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