Is this an optical illusion or a 'ghost dog' at this cemetery?

Is this an optical illusion or a 'ghost dog' at this cemetery?

These plants at this pet grave have raised a few questions after a cyclist spotted this while passing by.

eerie optical illusion

I came across this while trolling the interwebs and I could have sworn that my eyes were deceiving me. 

A cyclist was making his way past a pet cemetery and ended up doing a double take after noticing what looked like a dog hovering over one of the graves. When you see this eerie figure from afar in the video, it totally looks like a little dog standing in the middle of the cemetery. Freaky!

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I would have been so freaked out if I had driven or walked passed and saw this. On closer inspection, you see that it's the two bunches of plants on either side of Kosmo's little tombstone that give you the illusion that he is standing to attention. RIP, puppy :(

What's sweet about this cyclist is that any ad proceeds made by his footage will be donated to an animal shelter in honour of Kosmo. I salute you, sir. What a kind and noble thing to do.

Have you done anything special to honour your loved ones that have passed on?

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