Is a collab between Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears coming?

Is a collab between Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears coming?

'Xtina' talks about her 'feud' with Britney, Meghan is promoting the art of cooking, and Nadia Nakai has a slight meltdown. This and more on Tuesday's #HotGoss with Jane.

christina on jimmy kimmel
Christina Aguilera on Jimmy Kimmel / Twitter

Christina Aguilera not against a duet with Britney Spears

If you're on social media, you would know that some say that it is negative and promotes more harm than good. 

However, not Christina Aguilera. She believes that it has the power to promote 'good', and can even help squash 'beef' between people.

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During an interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', she said that she wished social media was around during her day so she could clear the air that there was no bad blood between her and Britney Spears.

She even added that they should have done a song together to help squash the rumours. Jimmy Kimmel then asked if a duet was still possible, to which 'Xtina' replied: "It’s probably not too late for that. … If her reps say okay… Hey, I’m down.”

No news on whether Britney is down for a duet, but if she is, we're guaranteed that it will be a chart-topper. 

Size does matter to Nadia Nakai

Does the size of the plane matter to you when flying, or is it something you overlook? 

Well, rapper Nadia Nakai made it very clear that she prefers it bigger in size. She took to her social media to share a meltdown she had over the size of a plane she was about to board to Richard's Bay.

In the video, she freaks out over the size of the 'toy', as she calls it, and kept demanding to see 'the rest of the plane'.

It is reported that she eventually did hop onboard despite the tears and hand-flinging. 

This is what first world problems look like:

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Honestly, where is the rest of the plane?🤣

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Watch Meghan Markle promote a new charity cookbook 

A Duchess has to eat too, right? 

Duchess Meghan Markle has been busy in the kitchen promoting a new cookbook, called 'Together', which focuses on recipes from various cultures from the Hubb Community Kitchen in West London.

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It is reported that in addition to promoting it visually, she also wrote the foreword of the book. The proceeds of the book will go to keeping the kitchen open, and a royal event will take place on 20 September to launch the book.

"Together is a cookbook. But, it's also the story of a West London community who gathered together in a kitchen and discovered the healing power of sharing food. In January 2018, as I was settling into my new home of London, I met a group of women whose community had been affected by the Grenfell Fire. They had decided to get together to cook fresh food for their families and their neighbors. And so, for two days ever week, these women were able to cook and share their delicious recipes together. I immediately felt connected to this community kitchen. Like these women, I'm passionate about food and cooking as a way of strengthening communities," Markle says in a promotional video. "So, I am proud to be supporting this cookbook, Together, which features delicious recipes from the women of the Hubb Community Kitchen. The proceeds will allow the kitchen to stay open and to thrive so it can continue transforming lives and communities through cooking. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do," she said in the video.

Seems like Prince Harry is going to be spoiled for choice with meals in the Royal household going forward. Yum!

Watch below:

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