The International Women in Media conference scandal

The International Women in Media conference scandal

In a series of Tweets, actress Taraji P Henson denied that she would be attending the conference in South Africa, resulting in a back and forth with organisers, and Bonang Matheba dropping out of MCing the event.

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In a series of Tweets, actress Taraji P Henson has denied that she will be attending the International Women in Media conference scheduled to take place on 5 September 2018 at the Sandton Convention Centre. In advertisements, people were notified that Taraji would be the keynote speaker, which she claims she did not have any knowledge of.  

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After several Tweets from all event organisers and the actress, Bonang Mateba dropped out of her MC duties on a statement made on Twitter. 

It would seem that no one knows precisely what is going on and is a case of 'he says, she says'.

According to Channel24, organisers of the event, 21st Century Group, claimed that Henson, along with international stars Halle Berry and Ashanti, would be attending the conference.

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After Taraji's tweet, the organising company issued a series of statements, claiming that the actress was notified and that they will be looking into the incident. Since then the lineup has changed, removing Halle Berry's name form the list of attendees. 

Since the allegations and social media frenzy, Bonang announced that she will no longer be at the event.

As is expected, people are not happy and I must say this sounds extremely fishy, considering this is such a huge event, so everyone would have their ducks in a row. Smells like a PR disaster to me. 

It's clear that Taraji has some serious South African fans and I'm hoping they can find some resolution. Considering that this was an invite-only event, I'm trying to understand who was trying to scam who?

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