#HotGoss: Somizi welcomed by his in-laws

#HotGoss: Somizi welcomed by his in-laws

Somizi meets the in-laws, Prince's family is suing his doctor, and a fairytale marriage is 100 days old. Find out more on #HotGoss with Jane. 

#HotGoss 28 August
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Somizi thanks his soon to be in-laws for welcoming him with love

Somizi Mhlongo asked the love of his life, Mohale Motaung, to marry him back in March at the 'love lock' bridge in Paris. Can it get any more romantic?! 

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Fast forward five months and he has finally met the family. Now we know what a big deal this is, as meeting the family is not an easy task.

His fiance was equally happy... 

I must say that it's a little disheartening that if you do not conform to what society expects of you, with regard to who you love, then it's an even harder process to get the stamp of approval. Either way, I am extremely happy for them and may their love live on.

Somizi has always said that a long engagement is not his thing, so we know we can expect the most extravagant, over the top, sensational wedding soon. Could this top #BecomingMrsJones? We think so! 

How long would you wait to meet the parents or would you just skip that part and go down the aisle?

Prince's family sue his doctors

Prince died in April 2016 of an accidental overdose of fentanyl, a drug commonly found in pain medication. The lawsuit filed by the family alleges that Schulenberg “failed to treat [Prince] for opiate addiction and therefore bears responsibility for his death two years ago".

According to Vanity Fair, the suit seeks unspecified damages in the region of more than $50,000 (More than R700,000). 

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Prince is one of those artists who has gone too soon. I mean, no matter how old you are, how could you ever not sing along to 'Purple Rain'? I cannot begin to imagine why a doctor would prescribe a form of medication that someone is addicted to. I hope for peace for his family and that they get all the answers they are seeking. 

Addiction is not easy for anyone. If you or anyone need help, please contact The South African Depression and Anxiety Group on: 0800 12 13 14 today. 

You are not alone. 

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry - married for 100 days!

Can you believe it, the wedding of the year took place 100 days ago?! Time flies!

It all began with Thomas Markle staging photographs for the paparazzi, after he claimed that he needed heart surgery and opted out of the wedding - resulting in Meghan walking herself down the aisle. Then the sister did a bizarre interview complaining about her sister for the world to see. Since the wedding, the two have been giving interview after interview, to no end! Now her half-brother has joined the party. 

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It's sad that their first 100 days have been marred by drama from her family. Can these guys give her a break already? I do not understand why her father, sister, and now brother are trying to embarrass Meghan this much.  

Either way, happy 100 days to this amazing couple! 

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