#HotGoss: Lasizwe accused of 'stealing' jokes

#HotGoss: Lasizwe accused of 'stealing' jokes

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Hot Goss 25 June
Instagram/ Lasizwe

American YouTuber accuses Lasizwe of copying his content

Last Thursday, local YouTube sensation Lasizwe was the talk of the town for plagiarism accusations. Although he has denied these accusations, people are still jumping on the blame bandwagon. 

I've watched one of the videos and there is a slight resemblance and Twitter followers are in agreement. Whichever way you look at it, copying is not okay, especially when it comes to personal content. I just hope the accusations are not true and this was all just a coincidence?

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Jennifer Lopez Dances With Alex Rodriguez's Daughter

Jenny from the block has a new backup dancer and she is too cute!

Love how chilled everyone on the boat is, as if this is an everyday occurrence. J Lo sure has moves!

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#dinero #tashi @jlo

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Serena Williams says boys should be involved in domestic violence discussion

Serena Williams says young boys should be included in conversations about rooting out domestic violence.

Couldn't agree more, this isn't a girl or boy thing - it is a human thing.

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