#HotGoss: Beyonce and Jay-Z release joint album

#HotGoss: Beyonce and Jay-Z release joint album

While we were all in a deep slumber, Beyonce and Jay-Z dropped a surprise album, and, well, there are mixed emotions. This and more on 'Hot Goss' with Jane.

Hot Goss 18 June
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Listen as author and motivational speaker, Timothy Maurice sounds off on the business of Beyonce and Jay-Z, then read more below:

Beyoncé and Jay-Z release joint album 'Everything Is Love', and 'Apes**t' video

The music footage shows Bey and Jay at the Louvre museum in Paris, that's a feat on its own when the museum is on serious lock down. 

How is this music video?! Man alive these two are just too cool! I love how they ooze sensuality while commentating on life and as for the styling and location, too delicious for words. These two are it.

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‘Never Say Never’ When it Comes to Running for President - Kim Kardashian-West

The 37-year-old reality star spoke candidly to CNN’s Van Jones about the chance that she may someday run for office.

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I have no words! I will just leave the interview here:

Bassie, Romeo break the silence about rumours

The Kumalos yesterday issued a strongly-worded statement following the social-media frenzy. The couple said the video did not exist and that allegations against them were “false and defamatory”. 

Once again this story proves that social media is like walking around with a loaded gun and in a matter of seconds can hurt and put people in a sticky situation. It must be dreadful trying to shield children from this type of scandal.

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