Heartwarming moment son receives birthday gift from his late father

Heartwarming moment son receives birthday gift from his late father

Grab the tissues, everyone! This teen's reaction to his birthday gift is a true tear-jerker!

son crying birthday gift

Tissues, lots and lots of tissues, are needed after watching this video. 

It truly amazes me at the love parents show for their children - some deeds of love still continue even after parents have passed on. This is the case for this 16-year-old, Johnny, whose video has gone viral. 

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Huffington Post has reported that just two months after Johnny's dad passed on, his sister drove him to his favorite music store in Michigan where he would be going to collect a surprise birthday gift.

The video shows Johnny opening up a sealed card which his dad had addressed to him before his untimely death. Before his 16th birthday, his dad arranged to pay for his epic birthday gift - a beautiful, shiny electric guitar. 

Johnny had been longing to get the guitar so his dad made it happen by paying for it before his birthday. His reaction when he reads the card and sees his gift from his late dad is priceless and is bound to leave you with a tear in your eye.

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I just love how his dad believed in his son's dream and went out to make it happen. Even though his father is no longer around, Johnny will surely hold this precious memory in his heart for a lifetime. How wonderful!

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