Girl loses ID, has it returned with hilarious note

Girl loses ID, has it returned with hilarious note

When this girl lost her ID she did not expect to have it returned with an explanation. 

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Replacing things like lost ID documents and passports is such a hack. The thought of standing in a crowded home affairs area waiting for my turn gives me anxiety just thinking about it. 

A girl lost her ID at a bar and after a year she received an hilarious note explaining why the ID was not returned to her when it was found.

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I’m not sure how I'd feel receiving this note? I think I would have a laugh as I remember trying to make my way into clubs using a fake student card. I know it's not right, but it happened between shallow breathing, sweaty palms, and overly made up faces. The worst form of embarrassment was being bounced from a club in front of your mates! Ouch! 

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Take a look at the note accompanied with her ID when it was returned to her:

My Friend Received a Surprise in the Mail Yesterday

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