Get ready parents: The 2018 school year is a day away

Get ready parents: The 2018 school year is a day away

What tips do you have for parents that are sending their kids to school for the first time? This is not an easy milestone in the slightest...

Back to school

Gosh, I remember the first time I did the first day of school drop off. I was a complete and utter mess. Basically, I cried all the way to work!

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Dropping a crying child off at school can be equally as distressing for mom or dad, but I have come to learn that their crocodile tears are dry before you get to the car. A quick call to the school reception put my mind at ease as the once wet-eyed treasure was roaring around the playground.

For younger kids, I would say a quick goodbye is the way to go. If you linger (you can't hold onto time), you are going to get yourself into an emotional state.

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Make sure you pack enough food and a change of clothes so you know you have two boxes ticked. Obviously leave your contact number should the school need to get hold of you.

Look, it's not easy, even my mom will echo leaving an upset homesick teenager at boarding school had its challenges, but this too shall pass. Once I got over my homesickness, school days were some of the happiest days of my life.

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