Feather eyebrows are the internet's latest beauty trend

Feather eyebrows are the internet's latest beauty trend

Feather eyebrows are the latest beauty trend to take the internet by storm. Would you ever give them a try?

feather brows

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Eyebrows have become the topic of the latest beauty trend. Not just any eyebrows, but feather eyebrows.

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A make-up artist from Finland discovered and created a new brow trend called 'feather brows', which is basically an eyebrow that has been brushed to look like a feather - parted in the middle and everything!

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Hmm... I'm not sure about this trend. Different is good, but in this case it's not for me I don't think.

Many were intrigued by the new beauty trend and even started trying it out. However, some were on the fence about it and even started sending her hate mail - can you believe it?!

That's why I love trends, they come and go and you can choose to become involved with them or not.

Looking back, I'm trying to think of a trend I wish I had missed. I loved the Doc Martens trend and so wish I still had my 16 hole ox blood pair. I remember even having 'Docs' as school shoes, even though the yellow stitching had to be coloured in black.

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One trend that I had to side step was the tongue ring trend. My folks threatened me with my life if I decided to be a part of that trend. One of the trends that I have never sunk my teeth into is the denim jean thing. Up to this day, I don't even own a pair.

Is there a trend that you used to follow which you look back now and think 'oh hell no, how could I have done that?'. Share your comments below:

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