Fans concerned over Kylie Jenner placing Stormi in an infant walking ring

Fans concerned over Kylie Jenner placing Stormi in an infant walking ring

A few moms on the internet are not pleased with Kylie Jenner after posting a clip of her baby rolling around in a walker.

kylie jenner infant walker pic
Kylie Jenner's baby in a walker / Instagram

Listen as KZN shares their views about baby walking rings, or read the details below.

It seems that we can't stop finding the Kardashians/Jenners in the headlines. Some of the stories are downright outrageous, while some spark a very relatable debate. 

This time, it's Kylie Jenner's parenting style which is in question after she posted a picture of her eight-month-old baby daughter, Stormi, in a pink walking ring. 

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Seems normal, however, a handful of moms were divided straight down the middle, with some saying it reminded them of their kids in their younger days, while others were quick to point out their concern over walking rings in general, adding that it is 'dangerous', and that Jenner needs to consult a doctor. 

Watch the footage below: 

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The walking ring debate has been going on for years, with some parents and professionals saying that it isn't safe for kids, and it causes confusion. Parent24 reports that the cons of a walking ring include: 

  • Cords can get trapped on the wheels of the ring, and it could result in a trip down the stairs with a serious injury.
  • Most of the wheels are made for flat surfaces and nothing else 
  • The ring can stunt walking, standing, and getting up development, which leaves their bodies very confused 

I think the way you choose to parent is your business. I mean, sure, as long as it not putting others or your child in danger, what's the big deal? For Mr T and I, we are all about instilling morals, manners, and boundaries - and it's a full-time job.

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When our kids were babies at our home, it wasn't big enough to have three small kids scooting around in a walking ring, but I reckon it would have been such fun if we had a bigger space.

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Like with anything concerning small kids, as long as they are watched and the ring is used for a spit of fun and not for hours at a time, I don't see the problem.

In your opinion, do you think an infant baby walker is a good or a bad thing? Share your thoughts with me below.

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