Euphonik's heart warmed by security guard's Twitter post
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Euphonik's heart warmed by security guard's Twitter post

Euphonik gives hope to a security guard, we get the 411 on the Will and Grace stars from the horse's mouth, and Kim K's daughter has a relatable tantrum. This and more on Hot Goss with Jane. 

euphonik and security
Euphonik and Security Guard : Instagram/Twitter

DJ Euphonik admires a security guard's attitude 

There are a few out there who don't quite like what they do for a living, but sadly it's work and it has got to be done. 

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A security guard took to Twitter to share a tweet about him not liking what he does, but how proud he is to be employed during these tough times. 

"Am not proud to be security guard bt (sic) am proud to have a job......" said Solly Serotxa ‏via his Twitter account. 

Little did he know that his tweet would go viral, with many taking to the comments to share words of encouragement for the man. 

What Solly did not expect, however, was DJ Euphonik seeing his post. He was so inspired by Solly that he retweeted his tweet and replied to him, saying: "Buthi please send your CV To the email in my bio. Perhaps we can make you head of security at one of our buildings. Your attitude is 💯"

The Twittersphere jumped on the bandwagon, with some even offering to help go through his CV before he sends it off. Solly mentioned that he did send his CV, and now we wait for the news. 

Big ups to Euphonik for coming through, trying to help make a South African's life a little better. 

North West's hilarious tantrum that all parents can relate to 

There's drama in the Kardashian house again, only this time it's of the adorable kind. 

Kim Kardashian shared a clip showing her daughter, North, having a complete meltdown after her mom moved and messed her 'work of art' while she was trying to do a beauty makeover (with KKW Beauty products of course).

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Let's just say that five-year-old North didn't take it very well. All parents can relate to this. 

Watch below:

Shortly after the tantrum, Kim posted another video showing the 'finished product'. However, North still wasn't pleased with the look, so cousin Dream had to take over. 

The cutest make-up artist ever! 

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Makeup by North West & Dream Kardashian 😅😍

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'Jack' from Will and Grace reveals all the dirty secrets about his co-stars

Can you believe Will and Grace debuted almost 20 years ago? What?! 

Sean Hayes, who plays the part of 'Jack' - an hilarious and very openly gay man, recently appeared on the TV show 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen', and spilled a little more tea than we were expecting. 

Andy fired off a few gossip-type questions about his co-stars, and Sean had no choice but to answer every one of them. 

It's oh-so-scandalous, but you can't help but love every minute of it, darling! 

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