Eminem takes on Trump in new freestyle rap

Eminem takes on Trump in new freestyle rap

'The Real Slim Shady' didn't hold back expressing his thoughts on the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

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I am such a fan of Marshall Mathers, known to many as Eminem. I love his music. His rhyming is absolutely 'sick' and his style is just something else. I absolutely loved seeing him in the 2002 hip-hop drama, 8 Mile. He is so fresh and I absolutely adore him.

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Not like I need any more reasons to love him, but then I came across this message he has for USA's President Donald Trump. A clip of him, which was aired on the 2017 BET Awards, is raising eyebrows. It features him throwing some serious 'shade' at Donald Trump in a freestyle rap shot in a car park.

In this clip, Eminem delivers punch after punch with his hard-hitting words. Not one to sugarcoat things, he went after Trump with a canon filled with knives, fireballs, and venom. 

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This isn't the first time he's released a diss track. Back in 2004 he released a track called 'Mosh' which attacked George Bush for launching the war in Iraq. The song was from the album Encore and much like his new diss track, it also had many talking after listening to it.

Take a listen to 'Mosh' below:

Warning: This song may contain strong language.

I love how raw and honest he is in the diss track and while I don't stand behind hate speech or any unkindness, I do feel that he raises some pretty relevant points in the rap.

Check the full four-minute freestyle rap in the video and let me know if you think he overstepped the mark or if you think that his words have some truth to them?

Warning: This song may contain strong language.

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