Durban business finds creative way to help the homeless

Durban business finds creative way to help the homeless

A local business has found a novel method of helping the homeless in and around Durban. Jane caught up with the company's representative to find out more. 

Durban man wears Samuels T-shirt / Instagram
Durban man wears Samuels T-shirt / Instagram

Listen to Jane's chat with Melissa Samuels from Samuels Service Centre about their new intiative, or read the details under the podcast.

Begging and homelessness is a very real problem in South Africa and more especially in Durban. 

Samuels Service Centre, a Durban-based company has decided to take a stand against this and have devised an innovative way of doing so. 

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The company provides red T-shirts and food to homeless people who frequent these intersections begging for money. In exchange, these individuals don a red branded T-shirt. Passerbys are encouraged to snap an image of them and share it on social media using #Samuels. 

The T-shirts read: "Today I'm not begging. Snap me, post and tag me #samuels. The more tags I get, the more I earn". The individuals claim their payment daily from the organisation. 

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It is believed that they have about 45 people in the programme with the aims of growing this number in the future. 

Jane had the opportunity to chat with Melissa Samuels to find out more about the programme. 

Jane and Melissa Samuels / Justin James
Jane and Melissa Samuels / Justin James

So the next time you spot a person with a red T-shirt at a robot, you know what to do. Let's take a stand and help our fellow Durbanites who need it the most. 

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Samuels also provide a weekly food hamper to the top three beggars who have earned the most posts on social media. 

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