Does your school dance date have to be of the opposite sex?

Does your school dance date have to be of the opposite sex?

Surely who you choose to accompany you to your dance should be based on the amount of fun and laughs you can have together, as opposed to being solely gender-based?

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Over the weekend, I connected with an irritable mother whose daughter wanted to take one of her classmates as her date to her matric ball, but the school wouldn't let her.

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The schoolgirl said that she would rather sit and chat to her friend all night than make small talk with a boy who she has no interest in and is just taking for the sake of it.

Look, I can somewhat identify with this. When I was in standard nine (grade 11 in current terms), for 'the dance' I didn't have anyone lined up, so was kind of offered some guy I'd never met. He was a friend of a friend, a lovely guy. Miles was his name and a rugby player I think.

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Anyway, it was a cool evening, but it was a small talk affair, and that was that. I probably would have had more fun that night if I went with one of my best mates at school, Kelly, who still to this day shares nostril-flair, gasping-for-air laughter with me.


Is this school girl entitled to take who she wants to her grade 12 dance?

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