Does the secret to longevity involve raw eggs?

Does the secret to longevity involve raw eggs?

This 117-year-old woman from Italy is living life to the fullest – one raw egg at a time.

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Is it just me that couldn't stand that thought of reaching 117 years old?


Just the mere thought sends me into an instant decline. The thought of rather having a vibrant and energised shorter life certainly appeals to me more.

Emma from Italy, who turns 117 on November 29, has shared that every day she eats two raw eggs.

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This fact cements my non-desire to get this old, I mean if I'm pushing 117 I want to be living life up to the max, gin and juice styles!

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Emma says she also loves biscuits but doesn't eat them often as she has no teeth. 

Wishing Emma a happy birthday and maybe she can splash out and have an omelette and cookies and cream milkshake to celebrate?

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