Does a visit to the doctor give you anxiety?
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Does a visit to the doctor give you anxiety?

Are you someone that avoids a visit to the doctors at all cost? If you said answered yes, you're not alone.

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Okay, I have to admit, going to the doctor can be scary business! We're all guilty of ignoring an ache because we think that it's our my body doing its thing. 

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The problem occurs when not going to the doctor comes back to bite you, and you wish you had attended to the problem ages ago. I am guilty as charged. 

A year ago, a glass shattered in the kitchen and I think I stepped on a tiny shard. Fast forward to Thursday when I found myself in the fetal position having it removed. Yikes! 

Those numbing injections, all 5 of them, had me swearing like an angry sailor. As the numbness disappears and I limp away with two stitches, I wished I had attended to it sooner.

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Another guy that Mr T and I  know has a missing tooth and hasn’t replaced it. Now that can't be healthy. Our very own Bongani from East Coast Drive is guilty of ignoring a visit to the optometrist until earlier this year.

Okay, so there's a pattern developing here. Are we all afraid of the doctor or do we think we can heal ourselves naturally? Either way, it seems easier to get it solved when you start experiencing symptoms. 

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Just to show you that this isn't just an East Coast Radio phenomenon, below are tweets from people that just seem to avoid the doctor at all costs.

Have you ever left something that needed medical attention for way longer than you should have? Let me know by commenting below:

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