Do you want a divorce but are dependent on your spouse?

Do you want a divorce but are dependent on your spouse?

“I want a divorce, but I’m unemployed and can’t leave,” - Anonymous.

Wants to divorce

Recently, I have been receiving emails from people just wanting to share their stories. 

This latest one shook me to my core and got me thinking about the millions of other people who find themselves in this predicament, but stay because they know they will not survive financially on their own. 

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For myself, I can't imagine staying with anyone purely for the financial benefit.

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This lady went on to say that she has been married to her husband for more than 20 years and it's a case of living together with no chemistry. She also stated that even a level of friendship has been lost. 

She noted that the relationship has a firm history and that's what keeps it going. She doesn't have an income as she is entirely dependent on him and the only reason she stays is to maintain her lifestyle.

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Sho, this is a tough one!

What do you think? Should she stay or should she go? Let me know by commenting below.

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