Do you still have an unresolved feud with a friend?

Do you still have an unresolved feud with a friend?

Some friendships just have to come to an end and sometimes they end in drama and ill feelings. Former 'Sex and The City' stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are a case in point.


Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall (Sex and The City) have been going through a public feud in recent months. It would appear that their TV friendship did not take place off-screen and they have been butting heads for years. 

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According to W Magazine, the two do not get along because of Cattrall's 'diva-ness' and Parker's 'mean girl-ness'.

But how did this turn into a public whirlwind?! Well, basically, Sarah wanted to continue with the movie franchise and Kim did not. 

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For years, Sarah Jessica Parker has been denying claims of false friendship, but the skeletons are officially coming out of the closet and Kim Cattrall is not holding back. 

They are not alone here. There are so many people I know that have become 'frenemies' over the years. 

Sadly, I have had a few awful friend feuds along the way. It's never a nice experience not seeing eye-to-eye with anyone and I hate confrontation. I really do avoid confrontation at all costs. 

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I am so happy to not have any unresolved issues in my life, but some of my relationships were never the same after a feud. 

It's important to know that as you mature and enter different chapters of life, you just have to take the necessary lessons and move on. 

I want to know from you, do you have any ongoing feuds with friends that you cannot seem to resolve?

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