Do or don't: Keeping your husband's name after divorce

Do or don't: Keeping your husband's name after divorce

Once the divorce is finalised, the next question is whether or not to go back to your maiden name, especially if there are children involved. 

Keeping your exes surname

In Friday's edition of 'Hot Goss', we covered the story of how the internet went mad over Channing Tatum's soon to be ex-wife reverting back to her maiden name after the separation.

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What is bizarre is I know a couple who almost killed each during their ugly divorce procedure, and the woman tried to squeeze him for every last cent and still, years on, refuses to drop his surname. Strange? I mean, there are no kids involved so it's not like it's a binding thing between the child and the mom, and she hates her ex so why would she still want to carry his surname?

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It makes him irate that she won't drop the name and is now thinking about going the legal route. Personally, I think he should feel a bit honored that she wants to keep the name. 

Listen, I get it, no one wants to stand in that Home Affairs line for an entire day when you first get married and do the name change, you have to CHANGE everything which is a time-consuming act and now you have to do it once more... yikes! 

If you have been divorced before, how would you feel if your partner was to keep your surname? 

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