"Dear, Donald Trump" - Obama pens letter to US President

"Dear, Donald Trump" - Obama pens letter to US President

I love a well-written letter, but this letter from Obama to Trump has given me all sorts of feels. You have got to listen to me reading it out loud.

Donald Trump, President Obama
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I sent my producer, Simon, this voice note of me reading the letter out loud, so that he could feel what I was feeling.

I love writing letters. In fact, whenever I get the chance to hand write someone a letter, I will. A handwritten letter holds so much more gravitas, doesn’t it?

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Well, you’ll never believe the letter I’ve come across. I am not one for politics, and I tend to shy away from getting involved in US politics - we’ve got our own affairs in South Africa, but this letter from outgoing President Barack Obama to incoming President Donald Trump is touching in so many ways.

A few months back, I penned a letter to my son. Read it here:

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