Dealing with those people you simply can't stand

Dealing with those people you simply can't stand

We all have that one acquaintance you're not quite sure why you tolerate. Jane has decided to share her personal experience on Wednesday's Jane's World.

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Listen to Jane talking about difficult people, or read the details under the podcast.

Okay, so here's the deal. At the end of the month, our family and another are going away for the weekend. 

It's been a while since we have done the 'vay-cay' thing with this family, and we were so looking forward to the quality time. 

On Tuesday night, my mate calls me up to say that they have invited another couple. Under any normal circumstance, fine, but the couple that is joining us is hard work. 

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In fact, that's putting it nicely. The guy is an arrogant racist (which is my worst), and she thinks she is better than everyone else. The thought of a small cottage for a two-night stay doesn't sound as exciting now. Pass the wine, please!

Psychology Today has put together a list of expert tactics which are bound to help you deal with a difficult person:

  • Listen properly - Focus on the message that the difficult person is trying to get across.
  • Try not to judge, as hard as it may be - It's hard to know exactly what the person on the other side is dealing with, so try and understand them better.
  • Don't be defensive - Naturally, in this situation, it may be a natural instinct of yours to get your back up and protect yourself. Not a good idea especially if the other person is ready to attack.

In your life, how do you go about dealing with a difficult person? I'd love to know your tactics. Share them with me below.

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