Daring fan crashes Ariana Grande’s performance

Daring fan crashes Ariana Grande’s performance

This fan was so desperate to meet Ariana Grande that he even bypassed security to get on stage.

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The words 'the show must go on' comes to mind when watching this video Ariana takes this fan's pop up presence on stage in her stride.

Ariana was recently performing in Philadelphia for her Dangerous Woman Tour. During her Moonlight performance a fan was caught on video creeping towards her on stage.

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When first watching the video, I actually thought her security guard was the stage bomber but he wasn’t. The security guard was leopard crawling his way to try and get the guy before he got to Ariana.

Can you image what a fright she must have gotten when through the mist appears this man?

The guard hauled the fan off stage. Playing it cool, Ariana handled the situation like a pro even muttering the words ‘hey be careful – hey chill out! Be gentle with him' before belting out a solid note. She probably understood that all the fan wanted to do was just get closer to her and not cause any harm. Well done on not losing it Ariana! 

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