Dad of abused Phoenix child speaks out

Dad of abused Phoenix child speaks out

KZN was left outraged last week when a video surfaced of a four-year-old girl being assaulted by her mother and being egged on by her partner. 

Phoenix child

The biological father of the child, who was seen being abused in a video that has spread across South Africa, joined Jane Linley-Thomas for an interview.

Last week, a video began doing the rounds on social media of a mom assaulting her four-year-old daughter. A part of the incident was recorded by the mother's boyfriend, where he can be heard egging her on. 

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The two face charges of attempted murder. The couple is due in court next month and the child has a long road to recovery.  News Watch reports the child will be taken to a place of safety once she is discharged. 

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I was sent the clip several times and eventually, I had to turn off all my devices because I could not bear the thought of seeing a child being abused and to add insult to injury, by her mother. I have not seen the footage but I've cried just thinking about it and I know that people around me have been absolutely traumatised by what they've seen. 

My twins are five-years-old, so the age group is very close to my heart. Being a mom of three children I always say to them, as their mother, my biggest role is to love and protect them. I can't fathom ever being so enraged to tear at them to such a degree that they end up in the hospital with severe swelling, a clot on the brain and internal bleeding. This is not an easy thing to come to terms with. 

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I sat down in for an interview with the biological father to find out how the child is doing and how he felt when he heard the news and if there was prior knowledge of abuse. 

When asked how he became aware of the incident he told me that he had heard the news from a friend as there was no communication between himself and the mother. According to him, he found out that his daughter was in the hospital after falling off a bicycle. It was later discovered that there was more to the incident, her mother was arrested and thereafter the video surfaced on social media platforms. 

The little girl is still in the hospital and is receiving treatment for her injuries. He says that she is still in a lot of pain, especially in her legs and is unable to move her left leg due to the injuries sustained. She is currently undergoing physiotherapy treatment and doctors are working hard to get her walking again. 

Many people across KZN have been coming forward asking for ways in which they can help, but we're all urged to respect the victim's privacy. 

A Trust Account has been set up to assist the little girl. Anyone who wishes to contribute towards the wellbeing of the minor is welcome to do so. For further information please contact [email protected] 

If you or anyone you know is suffering from abuse, or need to talk, please contact ChildLine on 08000 55 555

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