Critics say Ariana Grande's funeral attire was disrespectful

Critics say Ariana Grande's funeral attire was disrespectful

Aretha Franklin's funeral took place last Friday and one of the star-studded performances was by Ariana Grande and her little black dress.

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Ariana Grande gave a breath-taking performance of 'A Natual Woman' by Aretha Franklin at the late Queen of Soul's funeral this past Friday. 

However, instead of people celebrating her tribute, she has been hit with controversy.

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First, she was groped by the Bishop, and you can see the discomfort on her face. He has since apologised, saying: "Maybe I was too friendly." 

Thereafter, she was critised for the dress she wore to the funeral. Many have called it "too short" and asking who allowed her to get onto the stage in an "inappropriate dress". 

My inner feminist is singing Ariana's praises and asking why what she wore to the funeral is anyone's business? Who makes up these rules and how is it that no one comments on what a man wears?

Watch: Ariana Grande sings 'A Natural Woman' at Aretha Franklin's funeral

My inner conservative says that it might just be a little too short for a gathering of this nature. But who has made us critics?!

Last week, Serena Williams was banned from wearing her iconic catsuit to the French Open and we all stood up in her defence! Why should anyone dictate what Serena should or should not wear, especially considering her health reasons and that a similar outfit was worn by a former tennis player not too long ago? 

Ariana wore a dress that was black, short, and paired with stilettos, and this has resulted in the performer being shamed for being disrespectful of church elders and not taking into consideration that she was performing in front of a panel of men. Ironically, she ended up being disrespected by the Bishop.

Twitter's reaction:

Apparently, Bill Clinton enjoyed her performance a little too much... 

Do you think her funeral attire was appropriate or not? 

Let us know in the comments below.

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