Couple welcomes supercharger into the world with hilarious photoshoot

Couple welcomes supercharger into the world with hilarious photoshoot

This family photoshoot took an hilarious high-speed spin - and it's creative!

Couple with supercharger / Facebook (Brayden Tomicic)
Couple with supercharger / Facebook (Brayden Tomicic)

I feel bad for couples who have been together for a while and who get asked the dreaded 'When are you having kids?' question. Worst ever! 

Instead of giving into the demands of friends and family who are pushing for them to have kids, Brayden Tomicic and his wife from Utah, USA decided to put a spin on the traditional 'family photos'.

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When you first read the message he posted, you almost get a jolt of excitement thinking that they are going to post the big announcement that they are expecting, only to be hilariously disappointed by the pair cuddling a new supercharger for their Mustang.

In case you are lost like me with all the motoring jargon, a supercharger is 'an air compressor that increases the pressure or density of air supplied to an internal combustion engine'. Basically, more vroom vroom in your ride! 

"So not many of you have known this but it’s finally the right time to post this. The last two years Payton and I have been preparing for this moment and finally the time has come. It’s something i have always wanted but never knew how soon it was going to happen. We have been truly blessed this last year and finally it is here. We would love to welcome this Supercharger into our household! It is going to be whining a lot but can’t wait for all of the fun!🙏🏻🔥 😉😂😂😂😂," he said in a Facebook post

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It is reported that Brayden said the idea came about after the constant nagging from his mom to have kids, so he decided to turn his beloved car into his 'baby'.

Talk about being creative! 

Check out the pics below:

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