Could this be the most expensive visit to the toilet ever?

Could this be the most expensive visit to the toilet ever?

A Durban man has taken to social media to express his views on being charged a pretty penny to use a restaurant toilet.

paying for using a toilet

Having a five-people-strong family means I spend way more time than I'd like to at the grocery store.

My worst, and it happened the other day, is while frantically tossing food items into my trolley at 4:30pm in a crammed and busy supermarket, my little one announces that he needs to go to the loo. Whaaaat!? Right now?!

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Mid-shop I hide my packed trolley and head for the public loo that feels like miles away. We get there and, wait for it... it's a public loo that you have to pay for entry.

Of course, I don't have any cash on me and now head off to find an ATM. This happened all the while my kid just shouted out that he is going to do a number two. No words.

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I get to the bank and it spits out a R100 note. Now my mission is to find change. Needless to say that we have had better days than this.

A Durban man has taken to his social media to post a picture of a receipt he received after he was charged R20 (yes, R20!) to use a restaurant's toilet. Madness!

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I'm not sure about a loo you have to pay for? Surely you would think that keeping a loo in a respectable condition would be a given?

The restaurant in question has taken to their social media with a statement to clear up the misunderstanding about the post which has been making the rounds.

KZN listeners took the opportunity to share their thoughts on having to pay to use a public toilet. Take a listen in the podcast below to hear what they had to say:

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