Community raises R250,000 for South African woman's life-saving treatment

Community raises R250,000 for South African woman's life-saving treatment

A South African woman is in awe over the support she received from the community who came together to raise a massive amount to help her receive another shot at life. 

meg MG facebook
Megan Hunter / Facebook (Flowercrowns & Treatment)

Listen as Megan Hunter expresses how thankful she is to all those who donated to her save her life:

When you look at 30-year-old Megan Hunter, you would not say that anything is wrong with her - she looks perfectly normal. But she has been battling a disease since her childhood.

Megan was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (MG) at the age of 15. Mayo Clinic characterises MG as "the weakness and rapid fatigue of any of the muscles under your voluntary control." The common areas that MG affects are the face and throat muscles, and can cause altered speech, issues with chewing and swallowing, as well as limited facial expressions, it is reported. 

She has had a tough year. Good Things Guy reports that she had uterine cancer and had an ovary removed, and even an open lung biopsy following a battle with PCP Pneumomia which saw her visit the ICU on numerous occasions

Her only hope at living was to have a stem cell transplant. After being denied funding, Rare Diseases South Africa set up a crowdfunding campaign for her called #SaveMegs, with a whopping target of R250,000.

The campaign was successful, and at the time of publishing, over R260,000 was raised to help her get another chance at life. 

Following the exciting news, Megan put out a video to express her thanks to all those who rallied around her to help reach the target. 

Watch the video below:

"Any extra funds that are raised will help keep Megs afloat after the transplant as she will be unable to work for up to 6 months," the crowdfunding site reported. 

A big thanks to all who donated to her cause. Megan will finally get the chance at a life she so deserves. 

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